So excited to bring you the faves for forever 51!
A couple of these items are also available on our site. Just give the picture
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And as for the rest of those awesome items the links are provided! Yay!



Hello Fanny! We have missed you.

Our own Modern Mercantile co. all leather fanny pack in camo print for hands free everything. Do you know how happy I was when the Kardashians started sporting the Fanny Pack? Just think of all the things you can do now. Here is a list
of the top five just in case you need a reason.

*No more digging for the phone or your favorite lipstick 
*It looks cool

*Hands free at vintage markets like farm chicks or even Paris
*The airport is going to be so easy now
*Significant other will love not having to hold your purse!


    Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray

     I have tried so many root touch up sprays and this one is a keeper.
    Being about 80% gray this is a life saver that also smells amazing.
    This works like a charm and has that dry shampoo lift you may need since washing your hair every two to three days is a thing now. It isn't cheap so save it for
    a couple days before your appointment.



     L'OREAL Root Rescue 

    The big guns for a missed appointment or DIY root touch up.
    L'OREAL Root Rescue is a permanent color and has great coverage. 
    This one is a fave because of the genius applicator which makes 
    for less mess and more accurate application.  



    Our own signature 100% cotton blazer

    These blazers are the best! Perfect for work or play.
    Why is this my favorite? Because it is comfortable, professional but with a twist when you see that cute bell sleeve. 3/4 sleeve so it doesn't get in your lunch!
    100% cotton! Spring colors are coming!



    Essie nail polish customized!

     This is such a good tip. If you just pick one of these faves to try this is it.
    You know how sometimes you just don't have time for a manicure or maybe you don't want to spend the money at the moment. Well this is the perfect solution.
    This is two different shades of pink by Essie. This polish is available everywhere.
    Apply Ballet slipper 096 as the bottom coat. Mademoiselle 112 as the top coat. What you get is super fresh pretty perfect subtle pink nails.
    Works great on the pedi too.
    Try it out it's just so pretty!




    The skincare plan.

    The plan is super simple and I swear by it now that I am forever 51. 
    I do not sell MaryKay however my rep is great and there is a link to her site.
    All my life there were way too many breakouts and I thought it was just never going to end. These two items changed my life. Now after years of suffering there are actually compliments on my skin. What a pick me up!
    This tip is not going to break the bank so it is a good one to pick up and try.




    A nude color pair of shoes!

    Well the reason is.....drum roll please.
    Nude shoes lengthen the legs. What ever you are wearing go for the nude shoe
    when ever you can. Next time you are out and about, observe and see if you spy anyone in a nude color shoe and you will see what I mean. Or just go shoe shopping in your favorite pair of jeans. Much more fun.




    Get yourself some eyebrows girl! The best thing I ever did along with having my
    son Bennett. Really. The best. I mean I can't even. It is just life changing.
    A good set of brows frame the face. They make you look younger and you can forgo the makeup and not look like you have the flu. Find someone that has an impressive portfolio and get a consult.
    You will be so happy you did!



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